And then there are edge cases. Let’s start with the numbers. At current count, we’ve got:

As mentioned in a previous post, we have recently changed how our ebooks are modeled. As such, we have also had cause to re-create IIIF manifests for each book. In the process, I identified 6 books that weren’t cooperating with our current soup-to-nuts ingest workflow for an ebook. Though admittedly I’ve been wrangling some of these books into the new form for a good week or two, I couldn’t help but think that number is pretty good.

What is 6 books not cooperating out of 591?


That’s a number. Here’s another. As it was only one page per book that didn’t cooperate, we can think of each book as actually an ammalgamation of images.

What about 6 images out of 76,010?



Either we are nearly flawless orchestrators of ingest workflow brilliance, or the human mind can hardly fathom how effortlessly computers crank through work.

I’m inclined to beleive the latter.